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With the update of Kingdom of Shadows 9.1, Maelie the Wanderer was introduced

With the update of Kingdom of Shadows 9.1, Maelie the Wanderer was introduced. She is a special mount that likes to hide in several different places, and most of them are difficult to reach.

Players need to travel all the way through Korthia to finally tame the horse and make it his own. With some simple tips, you can follow Maelie. Before players go out to find her, they will want to talk to Tinybell (60, 22) on Korthia.

Where is Maelie?

Maelie can appear almost anywhere on the map, but there are some things to be aware of. She likes to climb on the rocks and often hides in remote areas of Korthia. Players will find her on the top of a mountain, on the edge of a cliff or on the edge of an area. So far, she has been found in each of the following locations.

(30.0, 55.6)
(35.8, 46.6)
(38.4, 31.4)
(39.7, 34.9)
(41.3, 27.5)
(42.8, 60.4)
(43.0, 32.6)
(49.3, 41.7)
(50.3, 22.9)
(60.0, 15.2)
(61.3, 40.4)

These are just a few places Maelie has discovered in the past month. Before checking these waypoints, it's best to see if there is a group of people looking for Maelie. There are many players on each server trying to unlock the mount, so it would be beneficial to cooperate with other users to track her. You can also get some answers to quick questions in general chats.

When searching the area, if she is close, the macro /targetmaelie will mark her. Players can use the raid icon to make her position more obvious. Because she likes to hide in hidden places, putting a marker on her body can save some time.

Maelie lost again

The player needs to locate and interact with Maelie 6 times in total. She can only find it once a day. Every time she was found, Maelie would return to Korthia. She chooses a new location every day, which makes the process of acquiring the mount sometimes tedious. Players need to make sure to talk to Tinybell before departure and after Maelie returns.

Likewise, teaming is a better way to share the burden of search. Once people can track her for the sixth time and "pacify" her, she will return to Keeper's Respite. After talking to Little Bell for the last time, she will give the player a rare mount as a reward.

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